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"It is an indisputable fact that Americans and Canadians can own beachfront property in Mexico, and there are two ways to do it."  
-- Lic. Paulina Contreras Aquirre, Attorney at Law, Mexico, Gutierrez, Diaz, Esparza, S.C.

Moving to Baja? Discover 2 Gorgeous Retirement Spots You Didn't Know Exist

Moving to Baja?
Discover 2 Gorgeous Retirement Spots
 You Didn't Know Exist
You’ve finally made it… The kids are grown up, you are near retirement, and now it is finally time to live the dream. Moving to Mexico is on your list, and you’re looking forward to the lifestyle only Baja enthusiasts truly understand. No more traffic, chatter, or financial stressors… only year-round summers and some well-deserved R & R.  

When people hear about Baja, they often think Cabo San Lucas or Ensenada. However, did you know there is a fertile, gorgeous region in between that is absolutely breathtaking? Up until a few years ago, its accessibility was limited. Now, highways are modernized (the main stretch being nicer than most US roads), and airports offer frequent flights.
Located on the sublime shores of the Sea of Cortez, you would never guess that you were only a day’s drive away from San Diego, or a 2 hour flight from Los Angeles. It is a blend of luscious summer microclimates, with the areas of San Lucas Cove and Loreto being in the “sweet spot” on the central Baja peninsula.
#1  San Lucas Cove near Santa Rosalia
When we discovered The Cove Community at San Lucas Cove, we fell in love. With dream-like tranquility, the sunlight dances on warm, pristine waters. It is no mystery why John Steinbeck chose this very spot to collect marine specimen and was inspired to write the book, “The Log from the Sea of Cortez.” With some of the most exotic ocean life and pure waters on the planet, this gorgeous retirement or vacation home spot is ideal for the sun-seeking ocean lover. Rare sea turtles are even known to build summer homes here and have their offspring!
This private, gated community is located in a lush area between Santa Rosalia and Mulege, just 2 hours north of Loreto in Baja California Sur. This region is well-known for its paradise-like beauty, 360° views, year-round warm air and water temperatures (70-85°), sports fishing, sailing, kayaking, swimming, fresh seafood, and the characteristics of what many consider the good life. This sun-loving retirement and second home community is accommodating to those who want a relaxed way of life in a private, gated seaside development with first world infrastructure. Current residents include a diverse group of retired corporate executives, entrepreneurs, technologists, manufacturing professionals, marine ecologists, sports fishermen, and most importantly, down-to-earth, friendly folks who love the Baja lifestyle.  

The people, the fresh food, and the care-free way of life makes The Cove Community… home.

 Where to Shop and Dine
Although San Lucas Cove is nestled in a private, gated location with palm trees and songbirds, the vibrant town of Santa Rosalia is only a 10 minute drive north. Santa Rosalia is a prosperous seaside village where the locals are happy and have great jobs working for the Boleo mine. This quaint neighborhood offers everything you need for all the comforts of home, including a hospital, restaurants, and big-box shopping. It is not known as a resort town or place for Spring Break, but has enough going on to catch incredible dinners, pastries, margaritas, and the annual Dorado fishing tournaments.

The retirees, expat locals, and vacation home owners nearby enjoy the area for its safety, privacy, gorgeous weather, lush scenery, and good, honest people. World travelers often express how friendly the locals are here. With its excellent reputation, sailing enthusiasts frequently drop anchor at the beautifully maintained Port of Santa Rosalia for extended land-stays.

While building your dream home in San Lucas Cove, there are clean, inexpensive hotels and delicious restaurants within a few minutes of The Cove Community.  Call for our recommendations. 
Home prices and cost of living in San Lucas Cove
Beach homes in The Cove Community at San Lucas Cove start at $139k and can range to over $1M. Although it is required that custom-built homes are tasteful and well-built to ensure longevity and appreciation, The Cove Community offers the flexibility to build the home you want, your way.  For approvals, simply email us a copy of the plans and we collaborate to help you realize your Baja dream home.
Featured above:  "The Dorado" 2 bedroom, 2 bath home just steps away from the beach.  Asking price for this home is $154,900.  
Interested in exploring more homes and beach lots for sale at The Cove Community in San Lucas Cove?  We invite you to visit, or better still, in person. 
#2 Loreto Golf Course Homes 
Meander south to Loreto on highways lined with aquamarine coastlines to satisfy your taste for adventure and beauty. If driving is not your style, fly into Loreto International Airport and settle in to your golf course home within minutes.  
Golf Course Homes Loreto, Baja California Sur
Loreto is ideal for the golf enthusiast who enjoys the luxury of 5-star spas and restaurants nearby. It is a tranquil resort town, and like The Cove Community at San Lucas Cove, shares a similar landscape and a peaceful way of life. You’ll find an occasional Spring Breaker here, but it’s not even close to being unpleasantly over-run with tourists. Loreto remains a spot for those “in-the-know,” mostly consisting of gringo locals from San Diego, Orange County, Canada, and Minnesota.
Walk across the green to enjoy breakfast or dinner at a classic Loreto resort. For more choices, enjoy a 5 minute drive leading to shopping, restaurants, historical sites, night-life, and some of the best fish tacos you’ll ever eat. And like The Cove Community, you’ll forget what the word “stress” even means once you arrive. The locals are welcoming and the region is very safe.

When living in Loreto, you will find your neighbors to likely be American, Canadian, and European expatriates looking to escape cold weather or city life. There is also a considerable population of local restaurateurs, early retirees and middle-aged technology professionals who have the luxury of working remotely.  
Home prices and living in Loreto, BCS
While Loreto boasts higher real estate prices than San Lucas Cove, a lavish lifestyle can still be had at a fraction of the cost of any US or Canadian resort town. A modern, custom-built 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2,600 s.f. home on a 10,000 s.f. lot overlooking the 18th fairway starts at $449k.  Contact us to learn more about these special lots and homes for sale in Loreto. 
About The Sea of Cortez,
Your Sparkling, Pristine Playground

The Sea of Cortez is soulful, full of life, and unparalleled to any other. Explorer Jacques Cousteau aptly described The Sea of Cortez as “The World’s Aquarium” and “The Galapagos of North America,” because it holds ocean life so rare in its majestically pure waters. Upon visiting, you will realize what legendary writers and explorers saw in San Lucas Cove and Loreto … Sublime beauty and an air of pure energy.

The waters express the translucent, turquoise sparkle we often see in ads promoting the Caribbean or Amalfi Coast, with average temps of 75°. This is a dream come true for swimmers, divers, and snorkelers.  
For the nature lover, the sports fisherman, and the more adventurous, this region of Baja California Sur is like no other. Watch whales and manta rays frolic in your wake, deep sea fish for ocean delicacies, snorkel and dive with brightly colored tropical fish, kayak on calm waters, or hike, bike, and explore the surrounding mountains and deserts. Drop anchor on the sailboat and float off to dreamland for a mid-day nap before capturing a glimpse of your home on shore. For the art and history buff, rediscover many of the first-known cave paintings declared as a world treasure by UNESCO.  

There is no place this beautiful and exotic so close to the continental US that maintains ideal conditions for retirees, expats, and vacation home owners. When living in San Lucas Cove or Loreto, you will always "live the good life" at a sensible price.

Living in Baja California Sur, Mexico
Residents from around the globe, including those from Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, the Midwest, and Canada have been owning property and living in Baja California Sur for decades.  

For those not familiar with Baja, the idea of making Mexico home raises many questions; 

  • Is it safe to live in Baja California Sur?
  • Is there access to good medical care?
  • Will my property be taken away? 
  • Can I own land near the beach? 
  • Why can’t I buy a beach home for $50k?  
Our best advice is to ask credible sources, such as Americans or Canadians who have experienced years of living in Baja, specifically in this region, because it is unlike any of the more well-known vacation destinations. We always welcome you to contact us .

George Wade, CEO and long-time resident of The Cove Community, shares common questions residents have had prior to moving into properties for sale in Santa Rosalia, San Lucas Cove, and Loreto:
Is it dangerous to live in Baja California Sur, Mexico? 
Mexico is safer than most major cities in the United States and this is a fact.  Of course, there are places in Mexico that are unsafe just like there are dangerous places in Chicago or Los Angeles. However, the expansive, surrounding area of The Cove Community and Loreto is not one of them. 

The general public in Mexico is not allowed to carry weapons. The local culture celebrates being kind, considerate, and respectful of others. The places that typically experience violence are highly populated cities where the rival gangs and drug activities reside. The same is true of every major city in the United States.

Unfair media coverage even affects the USA… I’ve known Europeans who’ve feared visiting America because they believed they would be shot once they set foot off the plane. If you talk to anyone who lives near San Lucas Cove, Santa Rosalia, or Loreto, you’ll find that feeling “unsafe” has never been a concern.
Will the Mexican Government take your property?
Another unfair piece of PR that Mexico endures… This has never happened in Mexico. The courts have taken foreigner’s property who bought or leased land that was not titled properly. In an effort to save money, people entered into shady real estate deals and lost their money. The government encourages people to move to Mexico and the banking system here is one of the safest in the world.
Can foreigners own land near the ocean?
The government changed the rule to encourage foreigners to own property near the ocean. The property is owned through a 50 year Mexican trust that is perpetually renewable. Foreigners can also own a Mexican corporation, and that corporation can buy land anywhere in Mexico. Title insurance is also available for Mexican property. (The Cove Community is insured by the reputable USA-based title company, Stewart Title).
Can I buy a beach home for $50k in Baja?
Many people still believe you can buy a great home on the beach in Baja for $50k. I guess anything is possible, but you always get what you pay for. Prices are considerably lower in Baja, but a home with an ideal location with water, sewer, electric, internet, and excellent communications in or near a nice city is not possible for $50k.
If I live in Mexico, will I have access to good medical care?
Medical care in Mexico is free, and the doctors are known to be very compassionate. If you are ill and go to a clinic, you will be treated. While most foreigners use private doctors and hospitals, the prices for these services are 80% less than the USA. This makes Mexico an ideal landing spot for retirees. Healthcare in the larger cities is respected worldwide for their level of care. I have never used my US Medicare in Mexico.
Will I have cell reception, clean water, and USA TV?
Yes.  Cell phone communications are excellent in The Cove Community, Loreto, and the surrounding areas. With the exception of a few brief spots in the high desert driving from San Diego to San Lucas Cove, the service is incredibly solid. Our residents have conducted business via cell on the drive down here just fine. You can even keep your American or Canadian cell phone working here if you tell your provider to open your lines for Mexico. Recently, US cell phone companies have included coverage in Mexico at no additional charge. 

Beach and Golf Course homes at The Cove Community and Loreto have first world infrastructure. Being accustomed to the luxuries of Southern California and the East Coast most of our lives, we would have it no other way. We have direct power lines to the homes connected to the grid, city water we drink every day, and all of the cable channels including ESPN, American news, and movie channels.

I conduct business worldwide with a solid internet connection that supports the bandwidth needs of Netflix, stock trading programs, and Skype. We really do have all of the benefits of living in the coastal USA and Canada, for less than half the price.
Will I have a social life? Will I have friends and a strong support system living in Mexico?
You will develop a strong sense of community and friendships with the locals and expats who have decided to live the good life in San Lucas Cove, Santa Rosalia, Loreto, and the surrounding areas. In general, if you’re socially active, neighbors 20 miles away know your name and will invite you to a few good cookouts. If you grew up in San Diego or Orange County, you may even run into familiar faces. We invite you to visit and check it out.  Close-knit relationships with your new Baja family and friends await.

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