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"It is an indisputable fact that Americans and Canadians can own beachfront property in Mexico, and there are two ways to do it."  
-- Lic. Paulina Contreras Aquirre, Attorney at Law, Mexico, Gutierrez, Diaz, Esparza, S.C.


Is it safe?

Yes! You will be hard-pressed to find a city in the United States as safe as Santa Rosalia.  The sense of security, safety, and honesty can be compared to small towns you may find in the Midwest, USA.

Couples, women, and children enjoy the malecon (boardwalk) late hours into the evening. The general tenor of the neighborhood is calm, family, and work oriented.  It's our conjecture that the culture here is seemingly unaffected and pure, based on the fact that this is not a tourist destination, rather a place to live, and live well.  However, you still get all of the benefits of resort living... just with serenity.

What is the local culture like in Santa Rosalia?

If you appreciate a culture where people are pleasant, and do what they say they will do (and more), you will fit in nicely.

 A recent account from a buyer at The Cove Community:  

"We drove down from San Diego knowing our air conditioning was about to stop working. We had our travel plans scheduled, and no mechanic was willing to fix in a rush for under $400. So, we decided to "rough it." We went down to the automotive district of Santa Rosalia, asked a neighbor if they knew anyone who could fix it. He walked 1/4 mile while we drove to show us to the service man. We expected to pay a premium, as we are "gringos.' Instead, he spent an hour, fixed the car perfectly. Three months later, we still have ice cold air conditioning! and he only charged us $20 USD. It was easily a position where he could have charged $100 or more. Being travelers of Baja, including Tijuana, for over 30 years, we couldn't believe how well we were treated."
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